Time to stop talking about Scott Walker and talk about Dave Murphy of the 56th Assembly District

Dave Murphy is a Republican assemblyman in his second term of representing the 56th District.  He has been endorsed by the National Rifle Association and Wisconsin Right to Life.  He claims to be a businessman, but finding information about his business, DJM Health LLC, is a pointless exercise of any internet search.  Yet this man is seldom called out for either his comments or lack of experience in areas in which he claims to have expertise.

Today’s article from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel provides a case in point. Quoting from the Journal Sentinel: “The Senate and Assembly education committees are fast-tracking a bill that would pause using student results on the new Common Core-aligned state achievement test to judge school and teacher performance for one year.

The bill, which got a quick joint hearing Tuesday after being introduced last week, has support from advocacy groups representing school boards, administrators, rural schools and the largest state teachers union.

But in a surprise move, Rep. Jeremy Thiesfeldt (R-Fond du Lac), chair of the Assembly Education Committee, announced he was scheduling that bill and a separate, amended education bill for a vote Thursday — despite the fact that the amended bill would constitute a major overhaul of state education policies and the text was just made available on Tuesday.

The amended bill is an updated version of an Assembly school accountability bill that was the subject of a contentious, 12-hour hearing in January.

Assembly Democrats and state Department of Public Instruction officials objected to Thiesfeldt’s scheduling of a vote on the rewritten bill without another hearing.

“How in good conscience can you have an executive session on a bill that we haven’t even seen until 8:43 this morning?” Rep. Sondy Pope (D-Middleton) asked Thiesfeldt.

Rep. Dave Murphy (R-Greenville) said if lawmakers had another hearing, it might go another 12 hours and result in “all the same information we got last time.”

When Pope asked him if he had read the bill, Murphy indicated he had not.”

Way to do your homework Dave.

After winning his opponent-less election in November, Murphy wrote the following in his application to be the Chair of the Higher Education Committee: “Eliminate or reform the University of Wisconsin Colleges and Extension,” he wrote, adding, “It’s an antiquated system that was originally designed for an agrarian economy. Many of these functions are or can be done by the (Wisconsin Technical College System).

Students and their families who attend UW-Fox Valley will beg to differ.

Here’s another quote from Dave Murphy regarding Scott Walker’s budget which cuts (and guts) $300 million dollars from the UW System. “The tuition freeze keeps Walker’s promise to the taxpayers of Wisconsin, but more discussion is needed to ensure that UW continues to prioritize accessibility for in-state students and that our students are not hit with massive tuition increases two years from now. Recruiting more non-resident students who pay twice as much tuition as resident students will be tempting.”

First of all, at least Dave Murphy realizes when you cut $300 million from a budget, someone has to pay: future students and their families.  But just like Scott Walker, who wants to borrow $1.3 Billion for highway funds for future generations to pay, Murphy doesn’t worry about giving future generations the bill. Second, I really want to find those out of state students thrilled with the idea of paying double the tuition of Wisconsin residents.  Good luck to the recruiters in the UW system.  Third, Murphy doesn’t mention his idea of closing 2 year campuses when discussing the $300 million program cut.  I wonder why.

Finally, in a press release, Dave Murphy announced the following about his “Right to Work” (that is, “Right to Freeload”) vote.

“I am proud to vote with my colleagues today to make Wisconsin the 25th “Right to Work” state.
“Right to work is about two things: workers should have the freedom to choose whether or not they join a union and putting Wisconsin in a better position to grow the economy.
“I appreciate all of my constituents who reached out to me to respectfully voice their opinion.
“I am not against anyone joining a union, but I believe that workers should have the freedom to choose whether or not they want to join a union.”
Once again, Dave Murphy spouts off rhetoric provided to him from the Koch Brothers, the Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce, and ALEC.  No one has ever been required to join a union.  However, one is required to pay a fee, in the form of dues, to the bargaining agent representing the workforce.  This is called fair share.  Second, what does Dave Murphy know about creating jobs?  How many jobs is his stealth company, DJM Health, providing?  What about when he owned “Inches Away”?  Did he have employees when he was a realtor?  Dave Murphy’s record of job creation comes up short, yet he feels qualified to speak for the workers of this state.
Forget Scott Walker.  It is time to hold people like Dave Murphy accountable for their quotes and votes.

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